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The Film – Idomeni (Greece): where the heroes are refugees

“We’re very close to the Macedonian border. For two days, we’ve been walking through a sea of tents – makeshift homes for thousands of refugees who have been forced to leave their countries due to war.

In Idomeni the tents are next to one another, often joined together with sheets of plastic to create little communal spaces, where being together is what matters, especially with family.

Many women in the camp are pregnant. In civilised countries, pregnant women enjoy many privileges, like having special parking spaces, jumping queues in public places, priority boarding on planes… It is inhumane to force a woman to live out her pregnancy in a tent.

In the camp, there are many newborn babies, and many problems.

We met great women who are fighting for their children.

There are hundreds of children who are still capable of dreaming. But their dreams have been destroyed by war. Their rage is infinite, just like their disappointment in the people they believed would help them.

Many of the people here have suffered atrocious torture in their own countries. Torture so bad that sometimes it killed people. Many didn’t survive. But there were some lucky ones who managed to escape. At least with their bodies – their minds and souls were scarred forever.

Jumu’ah… and regardless of everything, we always have faith“.



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Kiss From The World is a unique online magazine packed with videos and photos taken all over the world, extraordinary journeys and one-of-a-kind encounters. Kiss From The World makes you the traveller, taking you to the heart of the action, into the depths of forests, to interviews with hardened gang leaders, into a world of unknown tribes, war zones, exotic parties… But it also takes you on a journey into daily life, and the extraordinary normality of the world.

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