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Misery and survival in the heart of Haiti

“My name is Carlos  Gin Charles, I was born in 1980 and I live in Port-au-Prince in front  of the National Palace, together with 2800 people. We live in misery,  just like animals. Some people call this place the Devil’s house because before it was ruined by the earthquake, the people who were  in there didn’t care about ordinary people and made money for  themselves, and that’s why God destroyed this palace.

We know that the US  and many other countries send us money and help, but we don’t know  where that money goes. People fight and kill each other because they  don’t have money or a job, kids and women are raped, and many  people live in tents or in the streets. There’s mud everywhere,  viruses spread, children get sick, and people shower in the park in  front of everyone.

The only food we eat  is rice and beans. Many women live alone with their children because  their husband is in prison or passed away, so they’re forced to  sell their own body  to give food to their children.

The only way to  escape misery in this country is through education; the government  gives no financial aid.  Some people still believe that change can  come, but the majority knows that they have to look after themselves  and no one is going to help them”.


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Kiss From The World is a unique online magazine packed with videos and photos taken all over the world, extraordinary journeys and one-of-a-kind encounters. Kiss From The World makes you the traveller, taking you to the heart of the action, into the depths of forests, to interviews with hardened gang leaders, into a world of unknown tribes, war zones, exotic parties… But it also takes you on a journey into daily life, and the extraordinary normality of the world.

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