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Cyberpunkers: the masked Truth – II

What was the inspiration for “Fuck The System” ? Was it produced differently compared to your other tracks?

“Unlike the rest of our music production, “Fuck the System” has been created thanks to the artistic maturity we’ve developed over the years. The feedback we’ve received on the dance floors all around the world is incredible. It’s probably the one track in our discography that represents and exalts all our fans the most”.

What was the inspiration behind Fuck The System?

“We were inspire by the life that people around the world face every day. It’s a cry for rebellion, for an uprising, hoping we can change this world made of personal and political interests. It is a hymn to the change seen by our artistic side. Nowadays, the system (laws, taxes, fees, etc.) affects our mood and our inner sensibility. FTS is a hymn that makes you think, that makes you want to say “I am against the system that surrounds us.” It isn’t an ode to drugs or personal destruction, even if the video might seem that way. Shouting “fuck the system” sometimes can make you feel better”.

Your tour Fuck The System has been quite an achievement. What were its biggest highlights? Any favorite moments?

“The whole tour was wonderful, with large crowds and tons of excitement. It was great because it also allowed us to reach a new audience, introducing us to people who didn’t know us or our music. We still remember a guy in Moscow that climbed up the stage, which was 3 meters high, just to shake our hands. He almost fell down the stage and risked being lynched by the bouncer, but we let him stay with us on stage, dancing to the music and enjoying his drink”.

What do you think about the state of electro music at the moment?

“For the past four or five years, the Fidget House/Nu Rave music scene has grown a lot, especially after the worldwide success of Justice, the French duo who dusted off old tracks in the ’70 electro key “Daft Punk style”, with influences ranging from punk, hip hop and techno. In recent months, the attention has shifted on dubstep music (Skrillex docet), which become main stream in the UK.

Nowadays everything evolves so quickly that each track seems the same, something you’ve heard before. We always look for something new, making music that makes a difference”.

In times like these, how hard do you think it is to become famous as a DJ?

“It’s difficult because, as production software and other music tools become available to everyone, the competition keeps getting stronger and stronger. Ten years ago not everyone could afford a personal studio and management costs, or even rent a studio with lots of equipment. Now you just need a laptop and Ableton Live to give life to interesting tracks. Honestly, the competition encourages us to give our best, be innovative and always look for something new”.

As artists, what are your views on piracy?

“Piracy doesn’t really damage us because in our music industry, and especially in our niche, it can be used intelligently as a way to let people know us and create hype ($).
We must realize that we have entered a new era where music is basically free. It’s a double-edged sword because on one side it doesn’t make you earn money, but on the other it makes your music spread at a faster rate. We feel free to express ourselves peacefully, and love the opportunity to be heard by all, THE NEW SCHOOL”.


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