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Parmigiano Reggiano: The King of Cheeses – Part II

Fabrizio Giacobazzi: “The cooperative includes 21 dairy farmers, with a production of 36 cheese wheels every day.

The milk from the evening milking is left to rest overnight into big setting vats so that its fat components, which will be used to make butter, can rise to the surface. Once the morning skim milk arrives fresh from the farms, it is added to the evening skim milk which has been resting into the bell-shaped copper cauldrons. The next step consists in adding calf rennet and fermented whey, rich in natural lactic ferments obtained from the processing of the day before.

The milk begins to coagulate in about ten minutes.

The curd that has formed is broken down into minuscule granules using a traditional tool called “spino”.
Then it’s time for the cooking process.

I test all the milk that enters the factory to check if it’s suitable for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano. I do four basic tests. The antibiotic test determines the presence of antibiotic residue in the milk. The cell test determines the presence of cells in the milk, in which case the milk will be mastitic and unsuitable to make cheese. The flocculation test determines if the milk is mature. The last test is the acidity test”.


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