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I live in Trenchtown

“We’re in Trenchtown, neighborhood of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. It used to be a residential area back in the thirties, but in the seventies the neighborhood became very dangerous when two major political parties started arming young people to fight against each other. The urban guerrillas are frequent, together with the drug dealing and the extortions.

Reggae artists such as Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer were born here. Even the famous Bob Marley lived his childhood in the public housing of this area. His songsTrenchtown’ and ‘Trenchtown Rock’ are dedicated to this neighborhood.

We’re in Culture Yard. The place has been transformed into a museum, with the same instruments and furniture that Bob Marley and his friends used. This is where Vincent Ford Tata taught Bob Marley how to play the guitar, and where later on they wrote ‘No Woman No Cry’.

We walk through the decaying houses and shacks. Lots of local kids are showing us around their neighborhood to tell us about their everyday life, a hard life. But somehow, in spite of all, they still find the strength to smile and sing. We sing ‘One Love’ together. Singing this particular song in this special place, with these kids, gives us strong emotions.

In this corner of the world children haven’t stopped dreaming, because some of their people managed to make their dreams come true”.


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Kiss From The World is a unique online magazine packed with videos and photos taken all over the world, extraordinary journeys and one-of-a-kind encounters. Kiss From The World makes you the traveller, taking you to the heart of the action, into the depths of forests, to interviews with hardened gang leaders, into a world of unknown tribes, war zones, exotic parties… But it also takes you on a journey into daily life, and the extraordinary normality of the world.

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