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Refugees for life – IFO camp

A warlord is the political and military leader of a tribe or ethnic group that has taken control of a circumscribed region.

A warlord can reach his position only when the State monopoly has failed.

Mohammed Siad Barre, the last acknowledged leader of Somalia, fled to Nigeria in 1991, when Mogadishu fell in the hands of the factions led by General Aideed.

Somalia is dominated by warlords.

During the nineties, there were lots of bloody fights in southern Somalia.

In 1992 the United States of America organized a UN mission called “Operation Restore Hope”. Its aim was to give food and assistance to the populations that were affected by the war.

A merciless conflict broke out between the UN and General Aideed.

Thousands of people lost their lives.

UN troops withdrew in 1995.

General Aideed died August 1, 1996 as a result of gunshot wounds sustained in a fight with competing factions.

More than 15 years have passed but the political and economic situation of the country has gotten worse for the Somali population, while it has certainly improved for:


western wheeler dealers,

multinationals of fundamentalist terror,

arms dealers, drug dealers and toxic waste dealers,

and now even for pirates.

All together, these unscrupulous people have turned and keep turning this equatorial country into a black hole of human rights, first of all the right to live a peaceful life.

The Somali population keeps suffering and dying, in the silence of the media.

Thousands of them run away and become …



DaadabKenya. 80 kilometers from the Somali border. The refugee camp IFO opens up.

January 6, 2010

With armed escort and without any kind of permission, we enter the IFO refugee camp, the biggest of the three camps in Daadab.

About seven thousand refugees live here, and most of them are Somali refugees.

Many people affirm that there is also Al-Qaeda.

Led by two refugees, “the leaders”, we walk inside a labyrinth of narrow alleys, among shacks and PEOPLE.

There’s a lot of tension… many people are following us…

“My name is Abdubedel Haish and, thanks to Unicef, I’ve been living in this refugee camp since 1992. In Somalia the situation is still problematic and people are still fighting. Food and water are not enough for everyone in the camp and our houses are in very bad conditions so when it rains the water leaks in. Lots of people don’t have mattresses, so they sleep on the floor. Malaria is also a big problem”.

Suddenly we need to stop filming and leave… for no apparent reason.



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