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Mozambique: the untouched Bazaruto archipelago

My name is Vanasio, I’m a tour guide of Vilankulo. We are going now to the Bazaruto Archipelago. We’re going to go from here to Banque Island. It’s going to take us 2 hours to get there. And from there we will get to Magaruque Island – another hour to get across there.

This is Banque Island. Fishermen come here every day to fish. It’s where the community from the mainland come to catch their fish. Now we are together with the fishermen. They are cooking maize, which is corn. It’s made with millet, the pulp. And they have fish here. These are small kingfishes.

From Banque Island it’s possible to see Magaruque Island.

We’re going to the fishermen now. We can see the fishermen there. These people here are busy carrying their rope – similar to this one. They have a rope with a net. They are waiting for that boat to come around to bring the extra people to pull. The tide is lower now, so the fishermen are now starting to fish. In one hour they’ll come out.

Now we’re going to put this in the ocean to try to catch barracuda. We’re going to try now. We’re going to catch a fish! This is barracuda that’s been cooked in this pot here. This is the millet that’s been cooked in this pot here. This is our kitchen. This is barracuda fish that was caught in the Bazaruto Archipelago – the fisherman is giving it to us for lunch. And this is millet – the pulp of millet meal. Now I’m testing that it is barracuda. It has a different taste – it’s not really like barracuda. This is millet and maize – corn. It’s the pulp. This is a fish curry. Tuna curry. Yes.

This is the main coral reef from Magaruque Island. There are plenty of fish here. Lots of foreigners come to snorkel here. This is the main site of the Bazaruto Archipelago – all the wildlife of the ocean is here. We’ll definitely meet some people snorkeling on our way. Now we’re going to the other side where the local people live.

This is the main reef. This is the dolphin safari on the Bazaruto Archipelago – you go on a boat similar to our boat. This is everybody from the island. All these people. They are catching fish. They’re pulling the net out. We’re close to them. They’re taking the net out. This is everybody from the island. They’re catching fish with a fishing net. Now they’re pullijng the net out. And here’s the fish. This is what the fishermen – the community of the island – caught today. They caught all these fish. You can see that some of them are bigger fish, which is tuna, and some of them are small ones – small kingfishes and tuna.

Tuna is a huge fish – very heavy. It can be 7 or 8 metres.

We bought some fish from the local people who caught them on the Bazaruto Archipelago and we’re bringing them to the mainland to sell. We’ll sell the fish on the mainland to other locals.

We’ve got fish, we make a living out of fishing. We’ve got everything. We have a boat, a traditional boat – which is a sailing boat, a dhow, to take people from around the world to travel on it and go to the Bazaruto Archipelago. Welcome to Bazaruto!


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