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Uros Islands: floating lives on Lake Titicaca

“I’m Percy, president and leader of the community of this island on which six families live.

The most important activities for us are fishing and selling handmade fabrics.

We build our islands with reeds that we call totoras. We travel kilometers to find new totoras. The reeds and their roots are found in nature in a sort of block called khili. We use these blocks to build the islands’ foundations and keep them afloat. The blocks are tied together with eucalyptus wood and ropes. Then we cover the foundations with many layers of totoras, first in one direction and then in the other, in order to create a block that is approximately three meters high.

The island is tied to twelve anchors because during the windy season the strong waves might move it.

We use totora reeds to build anything, like boats for example. Small boats are used to go fishing and big boats are used to transport tourists on Lake Titikaka.

Our ancestors lived in conical-shaped houses, but now we build them in various shapes.

With solar panels we produce the electric energy necessary for lights, radio and TV.

We use flat stones to cook and place them over the reeds. On top of the stones we place ceramic small ovens. We eat all together, mainly fish.

Women’s clothes have different colors. Each island has its own colors. Our island uses green, orange, and blue. Every day we use different colors.

We use a small tower to communicate with the rest of the community in case of need or in case of local celebrations”.


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Kiss From The World is a unique online magazine packed with videos and photos taken all over the world, extraordinary journeys and one-of-a-kind encounters. Kiss From The World makes you the traveller, taking you to the heart of the action, into the depths of forests, to interviews with hardened gang leaders, into a world of unknown tribes, war zones, exotic parties… But it also takes you on a journey into daily life, and the extraordinary normality of the world.

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