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A path to Heaven

“We are on the Hualapai Hilltop, a 900-meter-high hilltop on the Hualapai Canyon. We have to reach Supai, the most remote village of the United States of America. There aren’t any roads, so you can either get there by helicopter, by horse, or on foot.

There is a high wind, it’s hard to stand, and the sky is stormy. In the canyon we are about to cross, the danger of flooding is very high. They advise us against going but… we set off anyway, on foot.

Loaded with all our baggage, and with a map similar to that of a treasure hunt, we start our descent along a steep and winding trail.

This place is a true rush of adrenaline. The sight is incredible, and the fatigue too. Gusts of wind are making the rocks roll. We’re all alone, surrounded by a landscape that is surreal, immense, imposing.

After eight miles and five hours of hard walking, we reach the paradise we’ve always dreamed of: wonderful waterfalls, natural pools… There are no words to describe this place, a place in which water is sacred and where waterfalls are called ‘Mother of Waters’”.


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Kiss From The World is a unique online magazine packed with videos and photos taken all over the world, extraordinary journeys and one-of-a-kind encounters. Kiss From The World makes you the traveller, taking you to the heart of the action, into the depths of forests, to interviews with hardened gang leaders, into a world of unknown tribes, war zones, exotic parties… But it also takes you on a journey into daily life, and the extraordinary normality of the world.

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