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Not just coffeegasm!

Sydney is popular for its cafe culture where coffee is basically its own food group. They call coffee the most important meal of the day. I travelled a long way for this coffee festival and was lucky to try some of the finest and best coffees from Australia. Coffeegasm is what I would call my experience trying exotic flavours like mint mocha, ginger, coconut , raspberry and blueberry coffee. I got to interview a few coffee stars who shared their knowledge about what variables go into producing the best cup of coffee. Here is a short brief video on what I saw and enjoyed at Sydney Aroma Coffee Festival. Enjoy!



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I am a Travel & Lifestyle Journalist who is high on life, loves comfortable fashion and travels a lot. A connoisseur for good things in life....I live, laugh, love, write, eat, dream, cook, travel and be.Adventure is my road. From living with a Thai tribe in a Thai village, playing with tigers, taking an ice flyer on top of the Alps, shouting like crazy from third level of the Eiffel to living in a tree house of Kerala jungle. I have had quite a few adventures till now.For me, life is about going places and everyday is a fashion statement. So let me take you in my blog world where travel, fashion and food have no boundaries and every city is our runway.Travel Coffee Vogue is my personal blog in fellowship with my Financial journalist boyfriend Vishal Teck and sister Meeta Arora. Snapping and making travel narratives, we want to make memories all over the world.Never ending amazing and interesting places -Isn’t that what life is all about? Because wherever you go, there is always further to go. Come join us on this beautiful world journey :)

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