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Skiing in British Columbia, Canada

Between the Yukon Territory to the North and the USA’s Washington State to the south, you will find Canadian province of British Columbia. It’s home to Vancouver, which can be the most seductive of cities – spend a day here in summer and you start conjuring all kinds of sneaky ways to stay a bit longer.

Yet when the snow falls, some say BC gets even better. Travel up the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver and you will come across Whistler Blackcomb. This resort is world class, and only a few years ago it proved it to a global audience when it hosted much of the 2010 Winter Olympics. In fact some of the athletes are still there offering you the chance to ski with them.

Further west on the road to Alberta you come across the Okanagan Valley and the delights of Big White resort. It prides itself on being a great family resort and it is tempting to set up camp and spend a whole season carving up the powder. Of course, if you are still here when the thaw sets in, you will see the vineyards grapes that make the valleys’ marvellous wines – mark my words, in a few years these will be world famous.

But for sheer adrenalin fueled adventure, head to the Kootenay Rockies and more specifically, Revelstoke. This is the home of Heli Skiing and Cat Skiing, something that should be on the bucket list of all self-respecting skiers. With untouched powder fields, classic lines, peaks, glaciers, pillows, alpine bowls, and old growth forests at your ski tips, the rest of the world is far, far away.

Of course, once you have been to British Columbia you may be tempted to try skiing elsewhere in Canada, such as Alberta or Quebec. Wherever your pull on your salopettes, the experience will be one to remember.


Ben Whitmarsh is based in London & Berkshire, UK. He has a background in broadcast journalism and is involved in creating travel video content.

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