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Daniel fights against modern day child slave labor by providing education

A message of love, hope, and restoration is how Voices4Peru reaches out to marginalized communities across Peru, South America.

Operating out of the most dangerous region of all of Peru, South America. Former QC, Iowa Resident and winner of 2010 Wall of Honor Humanitarian Award, V4P Founder & Director Klopp fights against modern day child slave labor, human trafficking, and keeps teenagers off streets, out of prostitution, and off of drugs by providing education to finish school or university.

Risking their lives everyday, wearing bullet proof vests, this team goes into places where no police go to bring message of ‪#‎hope ‪#‎restoration and ‪#‎healing. Join the fight to save lives with V4PERU. Internships and volunteer opportunities are available on long or short term basis with the team on the ground in Perú. V4PERU is registered as an NGO with the Peruvian national government, allowing the NGO to provide letters of recommendations for university students that are pursuing job placements, etc. Contact Founder & Director Klopp on for further details.

What Voices4Peru does

Voices4Peru Private School – Education for children ages 3,4, and 5.

Voices4Peru Adolescent Program – Educational opportunities for individuals wanting to complete high school or attend university.

Voices4Peru Christian Omar Equality House.

Space for adolescents & adults to feel safe without judgement.

Free professional counseling & psychological services.

Free blood testing for STD’s.

Free pregnancy testing.

Creative space and materials to allow individuals to express themselves through art, photography, music, dance, and theatre.

Free prayer counseling and spiritual counsel.

Voices4Peru Treasures 4 Trash – Using local garbage to create incredible art projects.

Voices4Peru Emergency Outreach – Intervening in emergency situations, Voices4Peru is always on hand to local communities for individual emergency situations to provide counseling, emergency monetary funding, and social service direction to place of services.




Daniel Klopp Founder & Executive Director of two NGO's (Non-governmental organizations) of Voices4Peru serves marginalized communites throughout the global community. Photographer, blogger, and extreme enthusiast to live the journey on the edge, Daniel serves some of the most challenging, and dangerous regions of South AMerica. Founded Voices4Peru Private School, Club Deportivo Dan Soccer Club, and The Christian Omar Equality House Project. Has done photo journalism and video documentary work for Former Vice President Al Gore's Social Media Television Network, "Current TV." Daniel won the Iowa State Bar Association Good Citizen Award in 1996. Daniel also received in 2010, the Iowa Wall of Honor Distinguished Alumni Award for his work in Advocacy, Provider of aid to marginalized communities, and spiritual role model. Advocating, empowering, and encouraging lives in marginalized communities of South America, Daniel thrives to live the journey on the edge, putting all others before self, with the hopes of eradicating modern day human slavery to bring freedom to children and adolescents. Fighting for the justice of equality across all racial, ethnic, and sexual lines, Daniel serves on the front lines.

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