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Travel to 2007

Kiss From The World's Archives


Nomadic woman

As we travelling away from Lhasa and high into the mountains we passed a nomad tent and stopped to see this woman who had stayed with her tent while the family were away...


Trainee monk playing

This young trainee monk, in a monastery in Lhasa, was being cheeky to one of the elders who was trying to get him to wash the floor. He then ran away and hid behind a...


Pilgrims at Samye Monastery

Samye was the first Buddhist monastery to be built in Tibet. Following a long bus ride we joined other travellers and several pilgrims for the hour long boat ride across...


Wash Day

I took this picture on a walk through Ngaramtoni village in Tanzania when I was volunteer teaching at a primary school there in 2007. People always assume that the kids...


A New York Minute

I was just wondering around New York City one night, as I was visiting the city half-way across the country for a night on the town. The “Imagine” sign in...


Burj Al Arab

Lol. We wanted to sneak into the private beach of Burj Al Arab, the seven-star hotel where the price for one room is 10 thousand dollars per night… We tried...


Belém Tower

When they say that love is blind… Before leaving for Lisbon, dear Giuly, you sprained your ankle. You no longer wanted to go. In the end I convinced you, we rented a...


Moulin Rouge

What a nuisance :@! The Moulin Rouge show is sold out. What do we do now? We take comfort in their store: sequins, glitters, stage props… We buy a bit of everything,...

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France - Romantic French Kiss - Kiss From The World - Travel and People Magazine

Eiffel Tower

Mmmmm. How long did it actually take us to take this photo? It didn’t even come out centered! And you stood on that step to look taller than me! Giuly, when will...



If we all asked ourselves: “What is the most romantic city in the world? The city of people in love?” There’s a good chance we’d all say Venice. The bridges, the...

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