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Parque del Amor

001 Peru Lima Parque del Amor Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

smile These three ingredients will make your soul mate go crazy: a cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a sunset, a park called Parque del Amor, and … what more do you want, you romantics? If you're excessively sweet, romantic, and cuddly, then you absolutely need to come here. In the middle of the park there's a statue called "El Beso", which depicts embracing lovers engaged in a passionate kiss, surrounded by "Parco Guell"-style benches, covered in colorful mosaics and love quotations. People say that lovers meet in this park to admire the sunset and compete in a contest for the longest kiss under the statue. Opened in 1993 on St Valentine's day, it is completely dedicated to romanticism, and at every hour of the day and night you can see couples kissing, huddled close together. And remember that if too much sweetness goes to your head, a rush of adrenalin is waiting for you only one step away: the cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But don't get too close! smile


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001 Peru Puno Uros Islands Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Uros Islands

I had been wanting to come here for more than 15 years. As you know, Giuly, I've been telling you about this mysterious place since we started dating. It's been hard to keep it a secret for 6 years, smile and you tried everything possible to make me reveal it to you, but you were never managed. smile I managed to bring you here, and the secret was finally revealed: Uros Islands, the floating straw islands on Lake Titicaca. You couldn't believe your eyes when you saw them. smile Your amazement lasted for minutes. Walking on top of them made us feel incredible. It was like we'd landed on a different …

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El Misti stratovolcano

How are you feeling? Not good. And you? Same here. Do we stop now? No, let’s keep going smile. We’re at an altitude of over four thousand meters, we’re running out of oxygen, and just the tiniest movement requires superhuman efforts smile. Even our legendary off-road vehicle Jimny has to face its own crucial challenge today: dirt road, incredibly steep and dusty, rocks falling down the faces of the mountain, breathtaking steep drops. With perseverance, and the help our legendary off-road vehicle, we conquer the mountain top smile. Surrounded by volcanoes at an altitude of …

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  • Arequipa |
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Punta Cometa

Sunset where the earth ends

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Lanikai Beach

Here we are in Hawaii, the place that you, Dome, call your home. While we were here, I was convinced that you were going to propose. So delusional! smile I waited for that moment for our entire stay on the island, but it pointless. You weren't even thinking about it, and maybe you still don't. But as you can see from this photo, we exchanged amazingly sweet kisses. smile P.s. Next time, I promise we'll go canoeing up to the Mokulua Islands, the two rocky crops you see in the background, the ones you wanted to conquer at all costs. Oops, maybe that's the place where you wanted to ask me to …

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Havasu Falls

Canyon, rocks, dust, and then … an oasis that you would never expect to see: waterfalls, natural pools, blue water, trees enclosed in deep gorges. An Indiana Jones style adventure, the perfect place to make someone fall in love. smile P.s. For all of you couch potatoes: come along, kick off your slippers, throw on some combat boots, a backpack, and set off to conquer this remote land. smile

001 Colombia Guatape Piedra del Pe  ol Kiss From The World travel and people magazine.png

Piedra del Peñol

To the boy that climbed 740 steps up a rock face, carried my board up a volcano, helped with my trekkers pack, picked mango out of my teeth, kept me warm, and never lost his temper in two months of traveling - a very big thank you!

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