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Parque del Amor

001 Peru Lima Parque del Amor Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Parque del Amor

smile These three ingredients will make your soul mate go crazy: a cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a sunset, a park called Parque del Amor, and … what more do you want, you romantics? If you're excessively sweet, romantic, and cuddly, then you absolutely need to come here. In the middle of the park there's a statue called "El Beso", which depicts embracing lovers engaged in a passionate kiss, surrounded by "Parco Guell"-style benches, covered in colorful mosaics and love quotations. People say that lovers meet in this park to admire the sunset and compete in a contest for the longest kiss under the statue. Opened in 1993 on St Valentine's day, it is completely dedicated to romanticism, and at every hour of the day and night you can see couples kissing, huddled close together. And remember that if too much sweetness goes to your head, a rush of adrenalin is waiting for you only one step away: the cliff top overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But don't get too close! smile


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China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market

China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market

Now entering its 11th year, COTTM is regarded as the industry’s most important platform and remains the only business to business event that focuses purely on the burgeoning outbound market.

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