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Arc de Triomf

001 Spain Barcelona Arc de Triomf Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Yes, you have to wait for your turn to take a picture in the middle of the arch. Waste of time? No, and the most amusing part is to see how every couple tries their hardest to take home the best shot. From the clumsy to the incredibly acrobatics, from the people opting for: "Sorry, could you take a picture of us?" to those who recklessly leave their camera balancing on a backpack on the ground. And us? With the camera on a tripod that is jointed to excess , frame on the fly, 5 second self-timer, we run and … click. In the middle of the arch like two giants. smile


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001 Spain Valencia Pla  a de l  039 Ajuntament Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Plaça de l'Ajuntament

It was a beautiful evening to speed with my bride of 28 years and counting...

001 Spain Barcelona Tibidabo Kiss From The World travel and people magazine


Hey, Giuly! smile Do you remember how many kilometers we walked in Barcelona? A zillion! After walking up and down every small alley, we didn't give in to tiredness and we walked up here. Then, while sitting on a bench, in silence, we admired the city from above. Five minutes of rest, the ferris wheel spinning, the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia, and then off we went again, climbing up the communications tower nearby. We really are tireless. smile The tower was closed though, too bad.

001 Spain Formentera Cap de Barbaria Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Cap de Barbaria

Dedicated to my superfriend Sara!

001 Spain Madrid Royal Palace Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Royal Palace

To my traveling companion Elise and all the adventures we encouraged one another to take part in.

001 U.S.A. Hawaii   Oahu Island Banzai Pipeline Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Banzai Pipeline

Dome, I told you that I didn't want to bathe in those waves, but you wouldn't budge, and forced me to. smile "Come on, dive in, it's super fun!". And it was so awesome that I couldn't get myself out of the water and you had to come and pull me out. It was a tragicomic situation, I was drowning and laughing like crazy at the same time. And the more I laughed, the more I drank. I think I might have destroyed my face by scratching it against the sand of the ocean bed, over and over again. It was so awful. The more I tried to get out of the water, the more the force of the ocean pushed me back. Next …

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001 Ireland Co. Wexford Johnstown Castle Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Johnstown Castle

Granny and Grandpa celebrating in Ireland their 50th Wedding Anniversary. smileJohnstown Castle in the background, a romantic place in County Wexford.

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