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I live in Trenchtown kiss from the world travel and people magazine

I live in Trenchtown

“We’re in Trenchtown, neighborhood of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. It used to be a residential area back in the thirties, but in the seventies the neighborhood became very dangerous when two major political parties started arming young people to fight against each other. The urban guerrillas are frequent, together with the drug dealing and the extortions.Reggae artists such as Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer were born here. Even the famous Bob Marley …

Rufus a Ranger in a College kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Rufus: a Ranger in a College

“I’m Rufus, ranger at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education. In this college, students support their theoretical studies with working in close contact with animals and plants. We have pigpens, thousands of chickens, cows… fields of peppers, tomatoes, cauliflowers, lettuce... All student are in charge of the growing of one specific area, with their respective labels set in the ground: name, surname, and picture. Many of them continue studying in …

Skaya where music and nature collide kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Skaya: where music and nature collide

“I’m Skaya, Italian musical producer for ‘Nutune Production’. We’re in ‘Black Hill’, location situated along the Jamaican coast. My house is located 50 meters from the sea, on top of a hill, and it’s made entirely of wood. I built the recording studio with my own hands, bit by bit. Inside the studio there’s a ‘Control room’ with computers, mixers, and instruments, and a ‘Singer box room’, the recording booth for artists. This is where I write and …

Not just green but great Mocking Bird Hill Hotel kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Not just green but great: Mocking Bird Hill Hotel

“I’m Barbara, owner of the Mocking Bird Hill Hotel. The hotel is located in Port Antonio, on a hill in the north-east region of Jamaica. It’s a peaceful location with a beautiful landscape. I was born in Jamaica, lived in Germany for 17 years then came back 15 years ago and started this business in order to help young people find their way in this field and, while at the same time supporting an eco-friendly tourism. We only have ten rooms, since the majority …

Tony, historical Rasta man kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Tony, historical Rasta man

“I’m Tony, Rasta man and owner of the shop ‘Kuumba Ujamaa’. I sell handmade objects, fruits and vegetables, Rastafarian clothing... I grow tea, thyme, mint, coconut, mango and papaya plants, potatoes and pumpkins. I don’t use chemical fertilizers, my secret is patience. You know, patience should not only be used to grow plants, but also to interact with people. Jamaican people have a lot of respect for the earth. We think of it as a mother who helps us by …

Cynthia free Winnifred Beach kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Cynthia: free Winnifred Beach

“I’m Cynthia. I own a restaurant on Winnifred Beach where I serve traditional Jamaican dishes such as rice with peas and coconut, grilled chicken with jerk sauce, and Festivals, which are made of fried batter. Winnifred Beach Is a beautiful public beach. We residents are the ones who take care of this oasis and keep it clean. There are several kiosks and restaurants. My friend Blacky has a restaurant and he serves the best rice with pumpkin and corn soup, …

Geejam Studios a tropical music paradise kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Geejam Studios: a tropical music paradise

“I’m Jon Baker, the founder of ‘Geejam’, an important lifestyle company born from the Jamaican music background. In the beginning Geejam was a recording studio whose head offices were in London and New York. Besides our incredible high-tech recording studio in Port Antonio, we also built a luxury hotel located on top of a hill, surrounded by wild nature and with a spectacular ocean view. We’re located in Port Antonio because artists like painters, musicians, …


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