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Fratelli la Bufala emigrating pizzamakers kiss from the world travel and people magazine

"Fratelli la Bufala": emigrating pizzamakers

“I’m Larry, manager at Fratelli La Bufala, pizzaioli emigranti in Miami Beach. La Bufala is the surname of the three brothers who founded this company eight years ago. Mario La Bufala, the brothers’ father, owned a milkery in Eboli, Italy, where he produced water buffalo mozzarella, caciocavallo, ricotta …We do traditional Neapolitan pizza which is different from any other type of pizza because it is thinner but still soft since it is cooked in a very high …

Life is short... have a cupcake! kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Life is short... have a cupcake!

“I'm Cristina Valdes and I'm co-owner of Cupcakes Nouveau, store that specializes in gourmet couture cupcakes.Cupcakes just started as a side gig for my business partner and I, after work and on the weekends.The idea of starting a cupcakes shop began during the bachelorette party of a friend. We wanted to do cupcakes in a different way, make it something unique, chic and elegant, something that not only children but also adults could enjoy, something that …

Miami ink love hate tattoos - part I kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Miami Ink: Love Hate Tattoos - part I

“I’m Jose from ‘Love Hate Tattoos’, also known as ‘Miami Ink’ in Miami, Florida. We have the best staff, which includes resident artists and also rotating guest artists from all over the world.  We have Federico Ferroni, Morgwn Pennypacker, James Hamilton, Ami James, Tim Hendricks, Janos Masz, Darren Brass, Chris Garver and many more. Basically Ami James and Chris Nunez decided to open up a shop in South Beach. They had all the experience, friends, and …

Miami ink love hate tattoos - part II  kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Miami Ink: Love Hate Tattoos - part II

“We’re at ‘Love Hate Tattoos’, to interview the artists of the best temple of tattoos. The parlor is also known as ‘Miami Ink’, name of the American reality TV show which is filmed in the same place. It’s late afternoon.A girl enters the parlor during the interview. She opens her tattoo portfolio very resolutely and shows it to one of the artists. She works as a hostess for the British Airways. She just got here from London but she’s leaving again tomorrow. …

Havasupai Tribe our precious land - part I kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Havasupai Tribe: our precious land - part I

“I’m Matt Putesoy, born and raised in Supai, Arizona, where I’ve been living for 42 years. This is a very sacred place for us.In our stories, which are similar to those in the Bible, our people came from the center of the earth. There were three worlds before this one we’re living in, and the one where we originated from was the center of the earth, the confluence of the Grand Canyon.Our prophecy tells that there were four races of man, the four sacred colors …

Havasupai Tribe our precious land - part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Havasupai Tribe: our precious land - part II

“Our irrigation system is over 500 years old and it keeps on been used to water our crops.The Fifty Foot Falls used to be our favorite swimming pool, but in 2008 there was a series a floods that hit the village, took most of the pools away, and knocked off the main stream.Water is very sacred for our people because it’s the giver of life.In the Havasu Canyon there are many beautiful places to camp, with natural spring water and many different species of …

A path to Heaven kiss from the world travel and people magazine

A path to Heaven

“We are on the Hualapai Hilltop, a 900-meter-high hilltop on the Hualapai Canyon. We have to reach Supai, the most remote village of the United States of America. There aren’t any roads, so you can either get there by helicopter, by horse, or on foot.There is a high wind, it’s hard to stand, and the sky is stormy. In the canyon we are about to cross, the danger of flooding is very high. They advise us against going but… we set off anyway, on foot.Loaded with …

China Ranch dates a sweet valley in the desert kiss from the world travel and people magazine

China Ranch dates: a sweet valley in the desert

“China Ranch is an oasis in the Mojave Desert, near the Death Valley. We grow date palms, and some of these date palm trees were planted from seed in the year 1920.We grow over 15 varieties of dates, all of which have different colors, shapes, sizes , and taste.In the kitchen of our gift shop we bake daily our date bread and cookies, date milkshakes, and much more. People can sample and buy our many varieties of dates, and also buy our homemade products. …

Thrift-n-More kiss from the world travel and people magazine


“I’m Ron Bredelis, owner of Thrift-n-More in Yermo, California, a small town of about a thousand people, 150 miles west of Las Vegas and east of Los Angeles.Our store has been here for 21 years. We sell all types of interesting items: from everyday use items to antiques to western memorabilia.Every weekend we go shopping at yard sales and moving sales, private markets that people set up in their yards. We never know what we are going to find, sometimes we …

homegirl cafe jobs not gangs kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Homegirl Café: jobs not gangs

Erika Cuellar: “I'm Erika Cuellar, assistant manager at Homegirl Café, a nonprofit restaurant business that branches out of Homeboy industries, the largest gang rehabilitation program in the United States. In our café we hire and train previously incarcerated women and in-gang affiliated. This is the right place for them to come and find themselves and their purpose in the world”. Alma: “I have a little girl, she's the one who motivated me to get a job. …

The Jonah Project love never fails kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The Jonah Project: love never fails

“I’m Patrick Ersig, and I’m part of the Jonah Project. We are in downtown Los Angeles, in the loft district of Skid Row, home to over 10.000 homeless people. The Jonah Project aims at empowering people to make positive changes in their lives. The place is designed to look like a home, with carpets, nice tables, and couches that give the idea of small living rooms: a home away from home. We carry out positive activities to empower them: we have computers …

Hollywood Farmers  Market kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Hollywood Farmers' Market

“My name is Pompea Smith and I'm the executive director of Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability for the farmers, health, and good eating.The Hollywood Farmers' Market was founded in 1991. Today it has approximately 160 famers and the best produce you can find in the state of California, because according to the market regulation, the famers have to harvest in the morning or the day …


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