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Exxxotica LA: live out your fantasies

Asa Akira: “I’m 25 years old and I’m from New York City. I’ve been in porn for two years now. Today I’m presenting Evil Angel, which is one of my favorite companies to shoot for because they do a lot of hardcore stuff. The favorite movie that I shot is called Pure, a love story directed by David Aaron Clark. My favorite position is missionary and my favorite types of scenes are the hardcore ones”.Marie: “I’m a transvestite who lives in the suburbs of Los … Dr. Allen's lingerie party

“We are in Manhattan Beach - Los Angeles, one of the hottest scenes in California, and this is Dr. Allen's Lingerie Party. Once a year, his beach house on the Pacific Ocean, turns into the sexiest of all: blondes, redheads, brunettes, dizzy lingerie of all kinds and for all types. There are also guys just like Big Jim. Everything's terribly erotic. Every corner of the house is crowded with people: living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, garden, garage, …

The Pepenero sexy gang - part I

“Hi, I’m Leonardo, the manager of Pepenero in Riccione, Italy. You don’t know Pepenero? Uh Oh! Then follow me. I’ll bring you to a magic land of dreams. Riccione is the home of summertime fun in Italy. The first time I came here I was 14 years old. I almost ran away from home to get here. Everyone here lives as if this was a land of dreams, so I decided to dive into it when I was young. I didn’t really want to study, not because I didn’t like culture, but …

The Pepenero sexy gang - part II

“Do you really want to come to my house? The tigers’ den! Right now I’m in between renovations so I’m basically living in a camp. I love my paradise terrace from which I can see the Pepenero’s entrance and the sea. Here is my not-so-tidy couch. You promised you wouldn’t film this! Even my cleaning lady left me. Mom, mom, where are you? Guys, don’t get too excited now, I’m going to take a shower. Enough with this shower scene, go away! This is me, 105 Kg of …

The Pepenero sexy gang - part III

“Our staff includes girls of different heights: tall, short, thin, curvy, those who can do acrobatics at the pole… At Pepenero we have something for everyone’s liking”. “I’m Anna, I’m 24 and I’m from Eastern Europe. I was a professional dancer for 11 years, then I started to work in Italy as a shop assistant and waitress. After I lost my job, a friend of mine who worked at Pepenero told me to go to one of the castings. And here I am. We have very specific …


A seductive trip into the “hottest” zones in the world, where the body is never a taboo, but a means of expression. And sex is pure pleasure. Teasing and transgression. Or a job. Ready for a surprise?

Then dive into this ocean of parties, graceful curves and frenzied sensuality. Physicality that’s either overt or hinted at. No masks – or the mask you like best, because this is an ode to freedom. And to fun, whatever your tastes: variety is the spice of life...

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