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Guaranì: a tribe on the edge of Rio de Janeiro

“A few kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, in the city of Niterói, in a very beautiful beach called Camboinhas, there’s a wonderful residential neighborhood. Near this area lives an ancient tribe belonging to an indigenous group called Guaranì. They are a very friendly community but it seems like the rich people living in the neighborhood don’t like them. The tribe is made up of 67 families living in ten houses. They’ve been here since before the Portuguese …

Uros Islands: floating lives on Lake Titicaca

“I’m Percy, president and leader of the community of this island on which six families live. The most important activities for us are fishing and selling handmade fabrics. We build our islands with reeds that we call totoras. We travel kilometers to find new totoras. The reeds and their roots are found in nature in a sort of block called khili. We use these blocks to build the islands’ foundations and keep them afloat. The blocks are tied together with …

Havasupai Tribe: our precious land - part I

“I’m Matt Putesoy, born and raised in Supai, Arizona, where I’ve been living for 42 years. This is a very sacred place for us.In our stories, which are similar to those in the Bible, our people came from the center of the earth. There were three worlds before this one we’re living in, and the one where we originated from was the center of the earth, the confluence of the Grand Canyon.Our prophecy tells that there were four races of man, the four sacred colors …

Havasupai Tribe: our precious land - part II

“Our irrigation system is over 500 years old and it keeps on been used to water our crops.The Fifty Foot Falls used to be our favorite swimming pool, but in 2008 there was a series a floods that hit the village, took most of the pools away, and knocked off the main stream.Water is very sacred for our people because it’s the giver of life.In the Havasu Canyon there are many beautiful places to camp, with natural spring water and many different species of …

A big Masai family

“Masai people don't live in proper villages. They live in small communities formed by huts made of soil and straw. The huts are arranged in a circle, and inside the circle there's a pen for the cattle. The Masai surround the houses with thorny branches to keep away wild animals such as lions, leopards and hyenas.The tribe lives mainly on breeding cattle, sheep, goats and chickens. The chief of the tribe that we met has 6 wives, 60 children and 30 …

The last primitives: we are the Hadzabe

“Their main activities are hunting and collecting food. Women look for the food while the men hunt animals, both for their meat and their skin, which they wear as protection. They build bows and arrows and use poisoned arrows to kill big animals such as zebras and buffalos. Sometimes they are forced to travel during the dry season to follow the migrating animals. They use traditional medicine which they produce from the juices of the plants. They can only …

Yakel Village: a happy tribe of... "cannibals"

“Our village prays when the sun sets, when all the birds and people are asleep and there is no more noise. In our worshipping we pray for our crops, like tropical fruit, to grow well. We pray for the sun and rain to come and make everything grow in the best way possible. We do many ceremonies in which we all dance together, and at the end of the season we have a very big ceremony”.


Often we know nothing of them, only that they exist. Free spirits: in the thick of the forest, at the edge of the world. Don’t miss this journey through tribal cultures: different ways of life, far from traditional civilisation, close to nature.

Is another world possible? We went to find out. To open up our minds, but also because these are vulnerable men and women, often condemned to flee from the invasion of their lands and traditions. Or worse, to disappear. Sometimes without the world even realising.

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